Traveling by Sea to and From Nova Scotia (on a Ferry!)

Bay Ferries Ferry
Princess of Acadia ferry that runs between Digby and Saint. John

Our first whirlwind visit to Nova Scotia (during which we made an offer on the Dee Wee store and were shown a variety of houses for sale) ended with a ride on the Princess of Acadia.

The Princess of Acadia is a ferry operated by Bay Ferries that connects Digby, Nova Scotia, to Saint John, New Brunswick. (Bay Ferries operates a second ferry line that runs between Caribou, Nova Scotia, and Wood Islands, PEI.)  Riding on the Princess instead of driving cuts off a long 582-kilometer trip from the Annapolis Valley through Truro then Amherst and down through New Brunswick to Saint John.  Because we traveled through the United States on this first trip, it was a real savings for us in terms of time and gas.

The ferry takes on all sorts of vehicles, including motorhomes.  We found it very comfortable, like a cruise ship (though I’ve never actually taken a cruise).  Gift shop, grill and café, computers with Internet access, and a lounge with arcade games and movies — I’d never been on a trip quite like it.  The actual crossing takes about three hours.

Ian and I just stretched out on the benches and napped.  We knew we had a long road ahead of us on our return to Ontario, and we were tuckered out just thinking about it.

Unfortunately it became increasingly foggy as we made our crossing, but Ian was able to snap a few photos from the deck, especially as we passed through Digby Gut.

Shot from deck
Photo shot from the deck of the Princess of Acadia just as we were leaving Digby

In 2014 a new ferry line will commence in Nova Scotia.  This one, operated by Nova Star Cruises, will sail between Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, and Portland, Maine. The new ferry seems to have even more amenities than the Princess, including a spa!  And they offer cabins (and a kennel for pets, as does Princess of Acadia).

Ian and I may check them out when we next travel to the United States, likely on our way to visit my mother in Florida.



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