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Ruffled (Ruffed?) Grouse in Smiths Cove

Ian enjoys working with trees.  Our new property in Smiths Cove needed some tree-pruning, partly to improve visibility for the new store.  The resulting wood would be used to produce heat in our combination wood-oil furnace. One warm winter day, he was trimming some trees on the east side of the property when he noticed that a curious bird had come to check him out.  He recognized the bird as a ruffled (or according to most sources, ruffed; but we’ve always known them as ruffled) grouse. The last time we had seen one of…

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121 Highway 1, Smiths Cove

Usually sellers are happy when they are able to accept an offer, and all the conditions are waived.  In our case, being able to say that our store in Hillsburn was officially sold led to something resembling a panic situation. Where were we going to go next? We have been seriously considering a property in Clementsvale.  It was very economically priced but needed work (and lots of it).  However, we thought it would be an ideal spot for an old-fashioned country store. We knew that the couple who…

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A Bumpy Start for The Three Little Bears Cottage Store

My husband and I opened our new store (The Three Little Bears Cottage Store)  in the small community of Smiths Cove, Nova Scotia, with great expectations one morning in early December 2013.  We changed our “Opening Soon” and “CLOSED” signs to “OPEN”.  We waited inside for the inevitable herd of eager, curious shoppers.  Oh, we knew some of them wouldn’t buy much.  They would step in mainly just to look around and see what this new store in their small community was all about.  After…

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