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Our Future: A Blank Whiteboard as White as the Snow All Around Us

The Lord loves His children to be open to His will. Ian and I were more than open after the closure of our Smiths Cove store in the fall. We knew we were too young to retire. But what to do with our time, talent and resources? We had bits and pieces of ideas for our business to come, but no clear game plan. I felt like a blank dry erase board waiting for the Lord to write His marching orders on.  Our options were limited due to…

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Mom Comes to Stay (What’s Buying One More House?)

My mother, Betty Isabel (nee Miller), was the main reason I ended up moving to Canada.  She was born in Brockville, Ontario, in the early 20s. She met my father, an American from Indiana, during World War II. Brockville, a city of approximately 20,000 situated on the St. Lawrence River, was home at that time to an officer’s training camp. My father was keen to join the war effort and couldn’t wait for his own country to get involved so came up to Canada to enlist with the Canadian-British…

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