Nancy and Lucy (Oops – Lucas or Luke!)


Munchkin on Happy Bear
Happy Bear, a very patient kitten-sitter to Munchkin.

One lonesome kitten just doesn’t work. After the tragic death of his sister, Sweet Pea, to viral pneumonia, Munchkin needed a new pal.

The terrible virus, the plague of the Smiths Cove felines apparently as it didn’t appear to be widespread elsewhere, lingered on with our poor Munchkin. Day after day — his nose was a seemingly endless fountain of thick goobers. He napped most of the day on the leg of one of our big stuffed toy bears (interestingly, the one that bore the name tag “Happy Bear”; poor Happy Bear ended up covered in the stuff).

Meanwhile, I was anxious to take him to the vet to have his first round of shots. When it comes to kittens and puppies, I am unwavering when it comes to following the approved vaccination schedule. But I knew that it would be risky when he was still ailing from this dreadful virus. His little immunity system had enough to battle with.

Finally I gave up and made the appointment. Munchkin returned home with no shots but an oral antibiotic instead. Fortunately this had miraculous results – at least in clearing up the nasal discharge flood. He still had a bit of a rattle in his chest. This, of course, was the main concern. But he steadily became more active and energetic and playful, as a kitten should be.

Back to finding a friend. There were a few kittens listed on Kijiji, some even locally. But dare we expose a healthy kitten to “The Plague of Smiths Cove”?

Across the road, a litter of kittens had been born to a feral cat two weeks after Munchkin and Sweet Pie. Four in all – one male, three females. They had the virus, too. Only two were left (one had met a tragic end not related to the virus). They had been battling the virus, mainly in their eyes. One in particular (Lucy) was basically blind in one eye because of it. Nancy had issues with one eye, but it looked as if it might be curable.

I knew they were available for adoption. Their mother was still spending time with them, but it was debatable if she was actually feeding them. Little more than a kitten herself, she enjoyed playing with them at least — we watched them frolicking from the store.

I was really after only one little girl to be friends with Munchkin. But it seemed such a shame to break the two sisters up…

On July 21, it became official. Nancy and Lucy joined our family — and Munchkin had two new pals.

The next day I took the two girls to the vet. Lucy’s eye looked downright nasty. I hoped they might be able to irrigate it and remove all the pus, and perhaps it would go back to something resembling normal. But they said I had two options — remove the eye (which was rotting in her skull) or put the little cat down. Obviously the second option was out of the question. So I made an appointment for the eye-removal (enucleation). The last thing one wants to do after adopting a new kitten!

They also told me that little Lucy was actually a little Lucas! It had been awhile apparently since they had been sexed. Fortunately, Nancy was still female.

Lucas had his surgery two days later. I was warned how tired and listless he would be following the ordeal. Nothing could have been farther from the truth. He seemed to want to make up for lost time.  And Munchkin was happy to oblige. There was no telling Luke that he was supposed to be taking it easy post-surgery.

Lucas a few hours after his eye surgery.

Although Lucas looks a little scary now with his bright blue stitches and swollen area where a beautiful green eye should be, in time the flesh will heal over and hair grow back. He will always look a little funny and may become famous as the “One-eyed Bandit of Deep Brook”.

We’ll be praying that he lives a good and happy and fulfilled life, despite this bad start — and that the Lord preserves his remaining eye in perfect health. For now, Munchkin is happy to have two friends his own age, and Lucas and Nancy are happy to still be together. And all three are happy to finally be starting to rid themselves of this terrible flu.

Munchkin and Nancy
Munchkin with new friend Nancy sharing the recliner with Ian.



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