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We moved from Ontario to Nova Scotia in the fall of 2011.

Moving Week! Nova Scotia Bound at Last

I was reluctant to enlist a realtor.  I thought we should be able to sell the farm ourselves by advertising it on a multitude of farms- and businesses-for-sale websites.  After all, I for one was definitely not desperate to sell.  And I definitely wasn’t keen on losing a few thousand dollars in commission. We had a few email inquiries as a result, even a handful of showings, but nothing concrete materialized. Finally in January 2011, we signed up for the services of a low-commission realtor.  Six months…

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The Auction (April 11, 2010)

The auction was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.  The only thing that kept me together was the sheer busy-ness and the demands of the process itself. Once we had made up our minds that we would sell the farm, we realized we had to downsize.  We had a way too much — too much equipment, too much in the line of supplies, too much personal stuff, and yes, too much livestock. The last category was hard — the first three were easy.  But I knew we…

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Restlessness Sets In

I can’t remember exactly when Ian began to seriously consider moving on.  I was trying to keep up to the demands of my two full-time government jobs while he managed the day-to-day activities on the farm.  I helped out with the animals as much as I could. Originally he looked at campgrounds, particularly in the United States.  He thought that the warmer climates would be a nice switch from Ontario’s cold winters.  And as I was American-born, it would be easy to move down there.…

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