Close Encounter with a Hummingbird

One morning in July 2012, I was bringing water around to the area in front of the house where we tied Rebecca before heading off to the store when I spotted a small unusual object.  It was a ruby-throated hummingbird laying still and lifeless in the grass. With our five cats uppermost in mind, I quickly picked up the tiny bird.  I was relieved to discover that it was alive but stunned.  I assumed it was a youngster who hadn’t learned to fly well yet, although it was…

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Losing Pets! – Part Three (Leo the Bunny)

Only some of the pets chosen to make the move to Nova Scotia made it.  That’s because we ran out of room for our rabbits. The rabbits were both farm animals and pets   We did not raise them for meat but to sell to others for pets and also for their hair.  I sold angora rabbit hair along with sheep’s wool and goat fleece, mainly to spinners. I loved bunnies; the hairier the better. We had planned to leave the buyers of the farm a few of our rabbits,…

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Sleeping Overnight in Our New-to-Us Camper — in the Wintertime!

As much as we loved our house at 824 Hollow Mountain Road, we needed to sell it.  It was convenient to the Hillsburn store, but our lives had moved west toward Digby.  And with the ever-rising price of gas, we didn’t want to travel any more than we had to. After decluttering the house (this took several trips: moving business-related items to Smiths Cove, more personal and infrequently used possessions to the Purdy Road property) , we put it on the market. I wanted to move the pets out of the house,…

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Three Little Bears Moving to Deep Brook???

The Three Little Bears Cottage Store
The Three Little Bears Cottage Store partway through the long, cold winter of 2013-2014

Our first winter in Smiths Cove was cold, snowy and quiet.  We had lots of time for reflection.

Ian reached the conclusion by the end of February that we should perhaps change direction and develop our property on Purdy Road, Deep Brook, as was our original plan.  We had wanted to start an animal-based business, similar to what we had had in Ontario but on a much smaller scale.  However, because we had brought a lot of our stock, shelving and equipment with us after selling Fundy’s Mountain General Store, we decided late last summer to start another convenience store with a few extras attached to it (such as pet and farm supplies, plants and soils, Christian books, consignments).  We knew Purdy Road would definitely not be the ideal location for a convenience store.

The Three Little Bears Cottage Store continued to be slow sales-wise.  We had been spoiled in Hillsburn as the community there had been very supportive of their small store throughout the year. We were told numerous times by people in Smiths Cove to wait until “the season” started in late spring when the whole area would come alive with tourists and campers.  But we had envisioned a year-round not seasonal business.

We knew that one business that would be successful in Smiths Cove (and the one we had tried to escape by selling our Hillsburn business) would be a takeout/dairy bar.  We seriously considered buying a chip trailer.  We weren’t sure how drastically we wanted to renovate the building itself to accommodate a food-service business.

Ian decided to list his Smiths Cove property, as it was the beginning of the house-selling season for 2014.  Listing a property later in the year (especially in the fall) is almost a waste of time.  If it did sell (and assuming our house on Hollow Mountain Road sold as well), we would throw all of our resources into one property, our  hobby-farm-to-be on Purdy Road, Deep Brook.  This type of consolidation can be a wise decision, especially financially.  We might turn it into The Three Little Bears Country Farm!  Ian has plans for sideline business activities, such as greenhouse plants and forestry.

Just as I had been reluctant to put our farm and then Fundy’s Mountain General Store on the market, I definitely wasn’t keen to try to sell the Smiths Cove property so soon after Ian had purchased it.  On the other hand, I did like the idea of developing the Purdy Road hobby farm.  Each time we visited it, I wished that we had more time and resources to work with it.  But it also seemed to me that we were finally crawling out of a long, slow, sleepy winter hibernation period and into what was supposed to be the really busy, bustling tourist season — only to try to sell the property.

It’s at times like this that I am grateful for my Christian faith.  It may seem like a cop-out, but giving it all to the Lord and letting Him figure it out is such a stress-buster!  I know that He has plans for us, especially regarding the Christian book area that I have been nurturing.

It will be exciting to see where the next few weeks and months take us!


Summer Update (Saturday, July 26, 2014): We’re now in the heart of the “busy” tourist season, and sales continue to be slow, as if to confirm our decision to close up shop here in Smiths Cove. At Fundy’s Mountain this time of the year, a good day saleswise was $1,000 plus. Here we still struggle to even reach the $100 mark! We’ve set the closing date as Tuesday, August 5 (the day after Natal Day).  The local residents tell us that businesses just don’t seem to survive in Smiths Cove — too close to Digby. Yet everybody seems to agree that a store is needed in the community. Originally I had been hoping to see the store last through August, but the need to care for an elderly mother has confirmed our decision to close sooner rather than later. She does not do well when left alone for long periods of time, making numerous phone calls to the store asking when we will finally arrive home. By closing in August, we will have time to move all of our belongings out and renovate the building back into a house for a fall rental, and likely make more profit on the property.

Common business lore has it that 50 percent of new businesses fail in their first year; 90-95 percent within the first five years. We don’t plan to be part of that statistic. But we do plan to make drastic changes that will hopefully place  us in the 5-10 percent that do make it, having learned hard lessons from what hasn’t worked!

We’re looking forward to better things when the Three Little Bears come out of hibernation in Deep Brook some time in 2015, with a new look, new focus, new direction.

3 Bears on C.D.
Even our unique display on Canada Day didn’t draw much interest.





Ruffled (Ruffed?) Grouse in Smiths Cove

Ian enjoys working with trees.  Our new property in Smiths Cove needed some tree-pruning, partly to improve visibility for the new store.  The resulting wood would be used to produce heat in our combination wood-oil furnace. One warm winter day, he was trimming some trees on the east side of the property when he noticed that a curious bird had come to check him out.  He recognized the bird as a ruffled (or according to most sources, ruffed; but we’ve always known them as ruffled) grouse. The last time we had seen one of…

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Losing Pets! – (Part 2 – Rebecca)

I don’t know if I’ve ever respected an animal more than I have Rebecca. Rebecca and her sister, Rachel, came to the farm as puppies with a specific purpose: protect our livestock. Purebred Great Pyrenees, they were in the Livestock Guardian Dog category.  Our farm had grown to include a large assortment of animals and birds of different ages.  Predators, especially coyotes but also foxes and wolves, were an inevitable problem.  After researching the subject, we concluded that our best defense was to fight canine with canine.…

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Losing Pets! (Part 1 – Lovebirds)

Imagine our relief to have arrived in Nova Scotia after our 32-hour trek (which followed an emotionally and physically draining week of loading the Uhauls and preparing to leave our farm) with everyone we had started off!  Ian and me, of course, but also our four dogs, five cats and assorted budgies, lovebirds and cockatiels. We had much for which to be thankful on that first weekend in 2011 in Nova Scotia, which was fittingly Thanksgiving weekend. It was a glorious warm, sunny weekend, so I set the birds…

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Why (and Why Not) Move to Nova Scotia?

You need a compelling reason to go to the trouble and expense of moving from one part of the country to another — and even more so from one country to another. Ontario is a great province.  We enjoyed living there.  So why did we move? It was prompted mainly by the winters there.  Ian in particular decided to look for a spot with a milder climate (though at one point in our relocation search, we were seriously considering Northern Ontario – -Thunder Bay, Rainy River!).  And…

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121 Highway 1, Smiths Cove

Usually sellers are happy when they are able to accept an offer, and all the conditions are waived.  In our case, being able to say that our store in Hillsburn was officially sold led to something resembling a panic situation. Where were we going to go next? We have been seriously considering a property in Clementsvale.  It was very economically priced but needed work (and lots of it).  However, we thought it would be an ideal spot for an old-fashioned country store. We knew that the couple who…

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824 Hollow Mountain Road, Delaps Cove, and 440 Purdy Road, Deep Brook

Buying real estate in Nova Scotia is like going to a bargain sale.  The same property in Ontario would cost at least twice as much.  As far as Alberta goes, you wouldn’t want to know! After putting in our offer on the store, we began negotiations on a house on Hollow Mountain Road. The house was nine kilometers from the store.  It was by Nova Scotia standards a relatively new house (Nova Scotia has some very old houses) at only 24 years old.  A roomy house with two bedrooms and a bath upstairs,…

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